Message of the Director


Dear Airmen;

Civil aviation is the driving force of our life with its high technology and high manpower profile in the 21st century as in the 20th century. Being part of this field with this advanced and modern technology and taking place in a whole working at high standards from all aspects can be accepted as an important chance and a valuable field of work in the future for you. While a lot of professions of the 20th century have lost their importance today, aviation still possesses its importance and liveliness and expands its working fields. Thus, it goes on offering you broader chances for employment after school.

Aviation is a unique profession that follows and works at the same high standards all over the world and offers a different life style for each of its staff. It is a privilege and responsibility for us to offer this chance to the young who will take part in this field. The School of Civil Aviation of Nisantasi University was founded with these considerations in mind, and started to admit students as of 2016-2017 academic year.

It goes without saying that the profession of aviation, which runs on these high standards, requires two indispensable qualities from airmen; a high quality of professional training and acquisition of English in universal standards. Nisantasi University is, therefore, of the intention of supplying you with the skills and background to take your earliest steps into civil aviation world with much attention paid to these issues throughout your four-year education with us. The School of Civil Aviation of Nisantasi University offers undergraduate education and training on Aviation Electric and Electronics, School of Aircraft Airframe Engine and School of Air Traffic Control.

With the growth in aviation sector that gets bigger day by day and thus brings competition to the fore, the number of the airline businesses increases and the capacities in aviation sector grow. The order of airline businesses is on the quick increase, and the density of passengers and load traffic is also getting bigger at a fast pace.

To survive the competition in aviation sector, the airline businesses need qualified man power. Nisantasi University is in a hard attempt and effort to meet this demand of the market with the proper staff trained to the universal standards of quality in its three departments.

The educations are given theoretically on one hand and practically on the other through the use of simulators, training assistants and special and specific software; the field trainings conducted with different protocols become the part of the programs.

As the graduates of the School of Civil Aviation of Nisantasi University, you will each be part of aviation sector as equipped with the contents of training modules required by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation in our country. I wish you all eternal achievements and happiness in this profession of quality which demands high ideals and responsibility.

Associate Professor Süha Atatüre

Director of the School of Civil Aviation