Message of the Dean

Faculty of Art and Design is an applied faculty in Nisantasi University. It includes the following departments: Textile and Fashion Design; Communication Design; Graphic Design; Radio, Television and Cinema; Gastronomy and Culinary Arts; Interior Architecture; Interior Architecture (English); Music, Stage and Performance Arts Management.

One of the purposes of our faculty is to train and provide our students with the experience and skills required in the working life and to render them capable of designing the products, systems and processes at home and abroad.

All the departments within the Faculty of Art and Design in Nisantasi University follow the latest information and technology in the field of modern arts and design, serving this purpose in a fully-equipped way with all its workshops and laboratories.

The students learn both the theory about audio and visual media, and cinema and put the things they learn into practice through applied courses in the Department of Radio, Television and Cinema.

The Department of Textile and Fashion Design gives priority to arts and aesthetics while enabling the students to turn their creative ideas into concrete models.

The Department of Interior Architecture in English language aims to train young designers in full accord and interaction with the world. Both the Department of Interior Architecture and Graphic Design intend to train designers who can work successfully in group situations and analytically, creatively approach aesthetic issues.

The Department of Music combines music education with a traditional and modern approach aiming to train individuals capable of integrating both approach.

The Department of Stage and Performance Arts Management aims to train strong managers with a strong creative ability needed by the sector, who are aware of the principles of arts in all sorts of artistic performances.

And finally, the Department of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts is one of the most colourful departments of our faculty, having the largest and most modern facilities required for the students to do practice in the field. It offers practical training on culinary arts from Turkish cuisine to Spanish and French to Italian and Chinese. It has a professional academic staff devoted to teaching their best to their students who will be the master chefs of the future.

With all its departments, our faculty is located on Sadabad Campus in Kagithane and Premium Campus.

Prof.Dr. Gülseren YÜCEL
Vice Dean of the Faculty of Art Design