Message of the Rector


Dear Students,

I welcome and say hello to you on behalf of the family of Nisantasi University.

We are a young university…

We are named after the historical nişan taşları, dating back to two centuries ago, but we are one of the youngest universities of Turkey. We were first dibbled as a small sapling in the garden of education under the name of “Nisantasi Vocational School” and gradually grew into a big tree capable of giving undergraduate and postgraduate education… Today we go on our way resolutely with the hope of being a huge plane tree. To this end, we hopefully aim to reach and catch the stars in the sky on one hand and patiently force the roots of this tree into the depths of soil for sound and strong foundations that will enable our family to live for long and long years.

We are within the life, not among four walls…

We approach education holistically and besides the education of quality we give our students with our eminent academic staff, we prepare our students for the real life outside the boundaries of the university. That is, we aim to motivate them not only for high scores in the course exams within four walls but also for high standards, expectations and achievements in the real life. As a third-generation university, we enable our students to acquire some work experience during their education here in close collaboration with the business world. We also pave the way for our students’ acquisition of overseas experience thanks to the international bilateral agreements and exchange programs.

We learn and manage together in high spirits…

We intend to equip you, coming from all corners of the country, with scientific, universal and national values and to make you us and us you. We support our successful students with funds and grants up to 100%. We give priority to governance, rather than management. We are glad about our partnership in this matter.

We are making your life beautiful…

We are making efforts for you to have a nice and rewarding life both during and after your education by enabling you to have a good mastery of English, a dual degree, secure and peaceful conditions for education and work experience during your education.

We invite the determined and decisive young to live securely under the shadow of our plane tree, to learn while living and to enjoy while learning, if they want, aim and hope to be a questioning, criticising, analytically-thinking and dynamic individual who receives a high academic education in contact with global system and keeps open to developments and innovations.

With my love,

Prof. Dr. Esra HATİPOĞLU