Running into service on October 13, 2014, Sadabad Campus is the first organic campus of our country. Utmost attention has been paid to all the stages and operations of the campus from its design through construction processes to the choice of materials and campus management. Environmental-sensitivity and its sustainability dimensions gave also been taken into consideration. Our associate degree programs, except for the health programs, and our faculty undergraduate programs are conducted here.

Established on 26.000 m² with a 6.613-m² closed area, Sadabad Campus is the central campus of the university. In the campus where the buildings for the Board of Visitors and Rectorate are located, there are a modern conference hall, e-library, cafeterias for students and staff, administrative and academic offices and open areas for social activities. Besides, there are 4 workshops for health programs, 2 workshops for the students of Engineering-Architecture Faculty, 2 workshops for those of the Faculty of Arts and Design, TV-radio studies and a gastroditorium for the students of Gastronomy and Cuisine Arts Departments.


Being the first campus of our university, Osmanbey Campus is situated on Pangaltı Ergenekon Street in the centre of Istanbul. Its closed area is 3.866 m2. There are 14 classrooms, 2 lecture halls, a fashion design workshop, a computer laboratory, a foreign language lab, a beauty and skin care workshop, a drawing workshop and a library.

Continuing Education Centre and Institute of Social Sciences (postgraduate) programs are in Osmanbey Campus.

Our university prefers easily-accessible locations for the sake of offering our students an education in close contact with the business world. Selected for this purpose, Bayrampasa Campus has a closed area of 12.339 m2. Besides a lot of classrooms and lecture halls, there are physical areas such as labs and workshops in which to do practices, and a modern conference hall, a library, cafeterias for students and staff, and administrative and academic offices in the campus.

Health programs of Nisantasi Vocational School and MA programs of the Institute of Social Sciences are conducted in Bayrampasa Campus.