Ours is the age of information and speed. To catch up with this speed, it has become necessary to take some help from the service sector. The new media with which photograph and camera are in contact aims to train graduates who have technical, cultural and creative competencies needed by the cultural industries inspired by visual literacy and creative thought, like design, modern art, fashion, press-publishing, television, advertisement, presentation and documentation.

The graduates of the Program of Photography and Cameramanship can work in several fields of professional photography such as fashion photography, advertisement photography industrial photography. However, the graduates who will have the aesthetic and technical qualifications required by photograph and camera production developing in numerical environments can have the chance to find an employment in various activity fields from music video production to new-generation interactive televisions.

The Program of Photography and Cameramanship consists of the courses containing information that can be used in every stage of working life. For this purpose, the syllabus of the program contains such courses as Digital Photography, Graphic Design, Studio Techniques, Video Montage, Cameramanship and so on. Besides these courses, our students are offered the chance for studio practice and internship facility.