Business world has a considerable need for the personnel knowing the issues of accounting and tax well and using the computer programs related to the field well. The Program of Accounting and Tax Practices of Nisantasi University is founded and opened to train accounting personnel who have the skill of thinking analytically, solve problems and have an initiative character in order to meet the need of public and private sectors for such well-equipped personnel.

The graduates of the Program of Accounting and Tax Practices can follow their careers at;

every institution and organization having financing, accounting and foreign trade activities,

accounting, public accountant offices and certified councillor offices,

banks, insurance companies, tourism agencies, construction and industrial businesses.

The Program of Accounting and Tax Practices offers its students such theoretical courses as General Accounting, Basic Economy and Commercial Mathematics in the first semester. In the remaining three semesters, accounting processes and taxing practices are treated as a whole; Public Finance, Accounting Package Programs, Turkish tax System, Taxation Law, Corporate Accounting, Accounting Audit, Bank Accounting and Analysis ıf Financial Tables are some of the main courses in the program. These theoretical courses are supplemented by the practical training, projects and internships in particular.

Click here for the four-semester curriculum of the Program of Accounting and Tax Practices.


INSTRUCTOR İlkay Arslantaşlı BİLEN